Unofficial WGRLC Trading Guide


The market needs liquidity
After you've successfully traded WGRLC on PancakeSwap, consider if its right for you to add liquidity to the market. However, keep in mind there are risks (
To Add liquidity:
  1. Have a BNB and WGRLC in your Metamask wallet
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click "Add Liquidity"
  4. Add the pairing of BNB and the Contract Address (0x7283dfa2d8d7e277b148cc263b5d8ae02f1076d3)
  5. Choose an even amount of each coin
  6. Navigate through the confirmations

Additionally, you can always view the WGRLC contract info here. Always be sure you are trading for authentic WGRLC by referencing the contract address provided by official sources.
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1) Create a Metamask Wallet
  • Backup your seed phrase (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Store it somewhere safe physically (Drawer, Safe, Safety Deposit Box)
  • Store it somewhere encrypted digitally, too (encrypted USB)

2) Add the following details to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Metamask
  • Add Network (Custom RPC)
    • Network Name: Smart Chain
    • New RPC URL:
    • ChainID: 56
    • Symbol: BNB
    • Block Explorer URL:

3) Acquire BNB (or other BSC token supported by PancakeSwap) via or (or other exchange) and send to BSC address in Metamask
If you are looking to SELL WRGLC, continue here
5) Wrap GRLC at
  • To wrap GRLC send at least 11 GRLC to the Garlic Address in the popup

6) Add Tokens to Metamask
  • Add token > Custom Token
  • Token Contract Address: 0x7283dfa2d8d7e277b148cc263b5d8ae02f1076d3

7) Got to
8) Link your Metamask wallet to PancakeSwap in the top right (Connect > Metamask)
9) Enter the contract address for the first coin (0x7283dfa2d8d7e277b148cc263b5d8ae02f1076d3) BNB for the second coin
10) Exchange desired amount of BNB for WGRLC or vice versa. You will need BNB to pay the gas fees.
11) Unwrap WGRLC with
If you are looking to BUY WGRLC, continue here
4) Go to
5) Link your Metamask wallet to PancakeSwap (Connect > Metamask)
6) Enter BNB (or whichever token you bought) on top and the Contract Address (0x7283dfa2d8d7e277b148cc263b5d8ae02f1076d3) for the second coin
7) Exchange desired amount of BNB for WGRLC or vice versa
8) Unwrap WGRLC with